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10 Keywords to Hack Online Dating

Re: Adult related keywords and dating websites. Search Console shows your average position for each of the keywords you rank for and how many impressions and clicks this brings you. The chances are, your competitors have already performed all the tedious keyword research work for you. Sometimes even a single competitor can supply you with enough keyword ideas to keep your SEO team busy for months.

The process of easily researching websites of your competitors deserves a detailed guide of its own like this one.

But I tried to feature some of the coolest tricks in the following video:. Good competitor research is often enough to fill your spreadsheet with a ton of relevant keyword ideas. You have to be looking for some unique keywords that none of your competitors are targeting yet. And the best way to do it is by using a decent keyword research tool. Just enter your seed keywords and play with the reports and filters until you stumble upon something cool. These methods are great, but they can rarely give you more than a couple hundred suggestions.

Adult related keywords and dating websites.

There are also advanced keyword research tools Ahrefs, Moz, SEMrush that operate a keyword database of their own and therefore will give you vastly more keyword ideas. You can easily go bananas trying to sift through a keyword list of that size, so we have some great filtering options in place:.

The aforementioned keyword research strategies are extremely effective and provide an almost unlimited amount of keyword ideas. Sometimes, just by studying your niche well and adding a pinch of common sense , you can discover some great keywords that no one in your niche is targeting yet.

People searching for these things are not necessarily looking to buy waterproof headphones, but they should be fairly easy to sell to. We recently wrote a pretty detailed article about this keyword research strategy: And I really enjoyed the advice offered by Dan Petrovic here: Advanced New Tail Keyword Research. This metric shows you the overall search demand of a given keyword, i.

Most of the keyword research tools pull their Search volume numbers from Google AdWords, which was long regarded as a trusted source of this data.

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For the past few years, Google has been consistently taking data away from SEOs:. But this time, we were able to get away with a cool workaround — clickstream data. To check the search volume trend of a keyword you can use a free tool called Google Trends:.

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  7. 1. Start with seed keywords?

So the search volume is basically an annual average. That huge search demand implies that you should get a massive amount of traffic if you rank at the top of Google for that keyword. Some of them will vastly improve search traffic to your website, but others will steal it away from you. All because searchers are presented with an instant answer via a Knowledge card.

Online Dating Keywords... Do's and Dont's

The Clicks metric is totally invaluable in weeding out the search queries with huge search demand but miserable traffic. Search volume and Clicks are great metrics to understand the popularity and traffic of a single keyword. But that keyword may have a ton of synonyms and related searches, all of which can be targeted with a single page on your website.

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Know which Dating Keywords people are searching for the most on Google. Rank, Dating Keywords, Global Monthly Search, Global CPC, Find Related. We've pulled the most popular dating keywords from across the web! Find out which dating keywords you should be using in your PPC & SEO campaigns.

Let me explain what I mean with an example. On the above screenshot, you can see that it is attracting almost visitors from Google per month. People search for the same things in all sorts of peculiar ways.

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Bear in to get your chances online dating site for low converting method for free and more messages. The Most Searched Words on Google. Understand Google's advertising policies, including ad approval status and account suspension. You will also be subscribed to our fortnightly email newsletter. Make money, and adult related keywords, and 'shooting range.

Yes according to the link Moshe shared they haven't separated Search network and Display network. Ok then can adult related keywords be used at all whose ad and landing page and website is not adult?

2. Generate keyword ideas

I read policy that you can advertise porn websites. I am only interested in advertising on the content network providing my ad does not actually show on porn websites or highly related adult content really. We would love to get your feedback with a brief survey Approximate time to complete: I would hope user profiles would be private to the public and only available to logged in users.

That, assuming true, you would not need to optimize said pages. I would focus on homepage and converting pages. You need to gain the users first, before they can search for eachother.

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There are many great examples out there, I hope you're planning on a specific niche of dating. I rarely check them and your message will be lost. Originally Posted by joshz. Oct 5th, , Please, review little top and dating site By mcp in forum Public Site Reviews. Jul 4th, ,